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30-day Unit Plan

Week 1: Introductions and basic design

Day 1: Icebreakers
Day 2: Notes on basic yearbook terminology
Day 3: Examine popular magazines to determine what is “good” graphic design; Homework: Find a double-page spread from a magazine and write a paragraph describing why it is good design.
Day 4: Share homework; learn four-column design; Homework: Create pencil 4-column design

Week 2-3: Designing layouts

Day 5: Learn grid design; Homework: Create pencil grid design
Day 6: Learn modular design; Homework: Create pencil modular design
Day 7: Learn about fonts; start paste-up project (students find pictures and text from magazines to create dummy layouts)
Day 8: Work on paste-up in class
Day 9: Paste-up due; share designs with class for critiques
Day 10: Learn how to use InDesign
Day 11-13: Work on InDesign project (students recreate their paste-up using InDesign, placing dummy copy and photos)
Day 14: InDesign project due; share layout with class for critique

Week 4: Copy and photography

Day 15: Examine sample body copy from award-winning yearbooks and discuss; take notes on writing body copy; Homework: Read the yearbook chapter from Bobby Hawthorne’s The Radical Write and brainstorm angle for body copy on summer vacation.
Day 16: Discuss chapter and angles; work on writing copy
Day 17: Peer revision of body copy
Day 18: Body copy due; notes on headlines and captions; Homework: Write captions
Day 19: Learn the photography basics and rules of photo composition

Week 5-6: Photography and wrap-up

Day 20: Editors teach staff how to use cameras; students take cameras in groups to practice photography in different locations in the school
Day 21: Learn how to load digital pictures onto the network and to use Photoshop
Day 22: Photography assignment: determine an angle and create a spread complete with copy and photos
Day 23-26: Work on project
Day 27: Yearbook unit test
Day 28-30: New staffers brainstorm an angle and create a sidebar for the People section as their first real assignment.